Hollywood Exteriors And Landmarks - 2020 "You can't take off your mask inside the building for any reason whatsoever, not even to drink water or coffee." "So much of film is rushed and short-notice, where you're calling someone in for last-minute day work," the member said. "The process has been slowed down by necessity. You can't call someone and be like 'we need you to come in tomorrow and get this done,' because they need to be tested and take a safety course, which has impacted our workflow and pace greatly." The union member also said women and older workers are being adversely affected, because the protocols don't really account for child care needs or the increased vulnerabilities and concerns of older people, who are at greater risk for adverse effects from the virus. Small businesses are also taking a harder hit from Covid-19, even as Hollywood resumes production, White said. He pointed to catering companies, which traditionally are structured around providing huge spreads of meals at communal stations where food is shared. With the coronavirus, there has been a shift toward separate meals. "That may be a permanent shift in the way we think about feeding individuals in close quarters, because the pandemic has gone on for try here so long that there's been a mindset shift," White said. "Once companies make the investment to provide food like that and once people become accustomed to that, companies that aren't equipped to manage that may not come back." Ultimately, however, White is hopeful that Hollywood and its various components will prove resilient and innovative. He is particularly optimistic given that the Covid-19 recommendations put out by the different guilds and unions are designed to be scaled and adjusted to accommodate different sizes of productions. Still, some are erring on the side of caution and opting to pursue smaller projects that are set on somewhat isolated locations and have fewer cast and crew members. That's what Will Packer Productions, which produced "Straight Outta Compton," "Ride Along" and "Girls Trip," is doing.



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