Warner reached out to Holland to talk about starting a dog training program. Holland told him that his goal in life was to open a dog training academy. Also, due to the pandemic, he’d just lost his job as a personal care aide, so he was available immediately. Holland started as a kennel technician while he completed the 300 hours of training required to become certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. He now spends his days working with dogs like Tootsie Roll, a 4-month-old pit bull mix who was taken from her mother too young, and as a result, has behavioral issues, like snapping at other dogs. “She was in a foster home, but it didn’t work out with the family’s dog, and they brought her back,” said Holland, as Tootsie Roll ran excitedly around the Humane Society’s outdoor play area on a recent afternoon. “She full article should have been socialized by her mother and litter mates, but since she wasn’t, we have to teach her, or she’s just going to keep coming back.” Holland develops a personalized training program for each dog, which he and team members Jennifer Ganey, Angel Vega and Julio Ruiz guide the dogs through. A dog’s behavior is evaluated daily, and must be consistently improved before they get the green light to meet adopters. You are now following this newsletter.


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